An archive of visual clues and archeological evidence, for the purpose of establishing a specifically Minoan neoclassical revival.
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Minoan Bronze Age frescos inside Building B, Akrotiri of Thera, of two young boxers and antelope.
Courtesy & currently located at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Photo taken by Marsyas
(via Labyrinth of Crete, Greece : A tale about the complex Palace of Knossos in Minoan Crete)

Franz Sieber, Map of the Labyrinthine Cave in Gortyn, Crete, 1821

Jan Peeters I, Map of the Labyrinth of Messara, Gortyn, Crete, c. 1692

Pierre DuVal, Map of the Labyrinth of Messara, Gortyn, Crete, c. 1667
Bonifacio & Labyrinthus - Crete (by quadralectics)
Anna Petrohilou, Map of the Labyrinthine Cave in Gortyn, Crete, 1999